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Straight From The Source

I have had the pleasure to get to know Mads personally through his incredible channelling sessions via his Youtube channel and his personal sessions never fail to amaze me.
Mads has a very clear direction and pathway with channelling.  He provides an atmosphere of ease and grace with grounded reality embedded.
I was able to take conversations in every direction, and it  is incredible to experience so much depth in a variety of different topics in a short amount of time.
I’d highly recommend Mads for any healing, life purpose or channelling questions you’re looking to find out.  Eternally grateful for what he has done for me

Thamim, Luxembourg

Mads energies align so beautifully with me and all of my feiends. He opens my mind and my heart chakra. His channeling energies always go beyond the words 💓 💖 💗 ❤️ 💕 💛 💓 💖 💗 ❤️ 💕 What I absolutely love about Mads is he channels various energies like Krishna, Jesus, Shiva, Kali, Angels or the Arcturian as very distinct energies and yet brings them all together in ur ownself as you. I feel at home with all Masters because Mads has fully recognized and liberated his ego. You will open many doors 🚪 ✨️ into your ownself through him.

Swazi, USA

Today was wonderful. I haven't had a ton of readings like this before, but enough to know that this is next level. The clarity and the voice that came through couldn't have been more perfect for me. This is who I have been waiting to talk to!

Michael, USA

Mads is one of the most amazing channels I've Ever come across.....such a clear and loving channel through which I have been bought into Such a close, uplifting and transformative connection with My Guides, helpers and innate wisdom!
If you're wondering if you should have a session.....Do!
You'll be so glad you did.....his help is priceless.....and a Huge Blessing!"
- Ali, England

Ali, UK

It’s been a beautiful experience. I am still going thorough it over and over. I have received a great deal of valuable information that I still have to process. Thanks so much.

Joseph, Spain

My session brought me much needed guidance, support and clearing. Not only from the star entities that were channeled, but poured over me by Mads himself. Much of the exchanged information stayed with me to be processed for weeks after the session. Revisiting the recording he provided, just brought into view new perspectives of myself, not unlike a kaleidoscope, which reflected a picture of my human condition enveloped in compassion I couldn’t provide to myself until Mads and these beautiful entities offered it to me first.

Jennifer, Brazil

The channeling from Mads Lundager is really quite special.  First off, Mads as a person, is one of the most polite, sincere and down to earth people I have ever met. It is evident he has cleaned and refined his vessel to such a high extent in order to bring through the galactic wisdom he so clearly does.  The energies he channels, which are typically his stellar counterparts bring in such crystallized and meaningful information to support others on their own journeys of self discovery and outward expansion. The insights brought forth are relayed in such a gentle manner, it is as if a close friend is offering the details.  I highly recommend tuning into one of his livestream recordings on YouTube and if his messages resonate with you, to schedule a private session with him and dive deep into your soul. It is such a pleasurable experience if you do decide to align with him and his guides. I am grateful to have crossed paths with Mads as he has been instrumental in my personal development

Kevin, USA


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