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Personal Sessions

Trance channeling has been around since the dawn of Man. It is a timeless spiritual technique which adapts to the circumstances and age in which it works.

Whether we look to connect to the natural spirits of the plants, animals, and wild that surround us, or we are linking up to the wisdom of archangels and compassionate alien counterparts guiding our ascension, the technique is the same: the channel induces an 'altered state' and then connects to a different energy which he/she lets speak through him/her.

I personally experience this state of mind as somewhere between a concentrated meditation and the twilight state between dream and wakening: where visions, clarities, and insights flow unimpeded into verbal awareness.

It is a state filled with exuberance, joy, and understanding. Its purpose is to uncover helpful, hidden information to aide in the awareness and wellbeing of humankind, as individuals and as a collective. 

The nonverbal, energetic aspects of the artform aims to heal, restore, and expand the energy fields of whomever is receiving the practice.

Trance channeling shows us sides of ourselves and reality that ultimately stir us into wakefulness, calls us home to our heart, and animates us to see and be who we truly are. 


All prices are suggested and not set in stone. They are partially based on what I feel I would myself be willing to pay, partially on the going rates for similar services, partially on the fact that I am based in Denmark which has the EU's highest prices, and the planet's highest tax rates.

This also means that my services might be financially out of reach for many of the world's inhabitants. Should you feel called to work with the practice and yourself by having a session with the guides and me, I am very open to hearing from you anyway and agreeing on an affordable personal rate. 


45 Minute Channeling


3 sessions for


Payment through

Stripe or Revolut

60 Minute Channeling


3 sessions for


Payment through

Stripe or Revolut

90 Minute Channeling


3 sessions for


Payment through

Stripe or Revolut


1 Hour Personal Counselling


Need clarity? Someone to help you map out your path forward? Could you benefit from having your gifts and talents outlined through conversation?

I offer spiritual counselling. In these sessions I mainly listen, and then ask questions to outline the patterns and themes you are circling in your life and help you in identifying what constructive steps can be taken for you to move where you want to be.  

Pre-submitted Questions

25€ for the first question

20€ per additional question

Receive recorded channelings answering your personal questions

Submit your questions through the contact form, or send me an email. Providing detailed questions will often yield more detailed answers.

Please pay for your questions through 

Revolut or Stripe.

The recording will be sent through wetransfer to your email address, expect to receive it within 1-2 days.

1hour Pet Channeling Session



Talk to your pet's higher self

I am able to tap into the higher dimensional imprint of animals and transmit communications and knowledge from your pet back to you in verbal form. This can for instance be helpful to reconstruct the early life of rescue animals, or gain clarity about specific behaviours and needs of your particular animal companion.

Please send me some information beforehand, including name, age, and a few pictures of your animal friend.

Practical Information

  -    Book a session by writing me a brief message. Please state your timezone, suggest a time that works for you, and what requests and wishes you may have for the session.

  -   Prices include a brief chat before and after the session, and a digital recording sent to you through wetransfer. You will always receive at least the time you have payed for in direct channeling.


 - Full refunds are given for first-time cancellations. Rescheduling is also offered. Please let me know in good time. No-shows are not refunded. 

  -   I am able to channel a wide range of entities such as deities, angels, galactics, ascended masters, and natural spirits. I also offer to channel peoples' personal guides though usually not in our first session together.  


 - I do not channel other human consciousnesses. I don't facilitate contact to deceased relatives. I don't channel other peoples' higher selves or past human incarnations. I do, and am happy to, let other guides relay messages from your ancestors and past lives.

 -  Discounts of 20% are offered on bundles of three sessions, and for subscribers. Sign up for discounted session subscriptions on Ko-fi to commit to your self-development and support the work. Subscriptions can be cancelled anytime.


  -  Payment counts as confirmation for the session. Please pay no later than. two days in advance to confirm our appointment.

  -  You are welcome to contact me with questions, or for technical support. Payments can also be made as international bank transfers, or through paypal

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