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My path led me through childhood despair to questioning, to seeking, to reading, to study. For a youthful while, there were small moments of freedom in hedonism and hard drugs, frenzied company, smokes & liquor, untill that turned to psychedelics which turned again to evermore esoteric yoga practices, breathwork, meditations, renunciation; Hermeticism in inner and outer life.


These intuitively guided mystical pursuits reached a tipping point in 2017 when the snake of The Great Mother Shakti, The World Serpent Kundalini, awakened from its dormancy near the root and began to force its way up through The World Tree of the spine to ultimately complete the circle and bite its tail.

7 years it took to wrench open the central column enough for the grace of Spirit to pour through the central channel. Through peaks and valleys of ecstasy and despondency, raptures and revelries, nightmare visions and psychotic breakdown, rebirth and restoration; from blissful surrenders back to the basements of struggles, ailment, screaming pain: it broke me down to build me up.


A bit surprised that I yet remain to walk The Earth, I hang around to relish her life and beauty: the plants and animals, the whimsy and folly of humankind, our heartful arts and our vain pursuits.  


Above a 1000 hours I've been in the channeling state, linking in word and energy these realms below with the etheric and astral planes, bringing help, love, humor from the benevolent forms of intelligence who can be found there.

I've worked with scores of clients, all of them unequivocally moved and helped by the communications they had with the other side.

Mostly I've read. Channeling was a "chance discovery" I made after getting into deep seated meditation in 2019. Ever since I cracked the code as a precocious child, reading was the great refuge. Ovid's Metamorphoses, Dostoyevsky's four master novels, Joyce's Ulysses, are examples of books especially dear to me, all to which I cyclically return.

For clarity and guidance I hold to the central texts of our planet's great spiritual traditions,  with the Tao Te Ching, The Bhagavad Gita, and the New Testament being particular mainstays. I am well-versed in the many historical faces of our global religious heritage and continue to learn ever more.

With my body I keep moving, exploring, and dancing. Right now I'm loving  the West African speaking drum and orthodox hatha yoga. I also eat a lot of carrots.




Academically, I've spent my life dedicated to studying the humanities. My languages are Danish, English, German, Spanish, and Latin, listed in descending fluency.


I am educated as a Master of Arts from the University of Aarhus with a major in comparative literature, and minor studies in art history, religious studies, and in the history of ideas.


My master's thesis Anarchy and Arcadia: Invisibility, Pop Magic and Techno-religiosity towards the Turn of the Millennium explored the similarities between a modern age of seeming disorder and an archaic age of integrated communication with the divine. Examining the foundations of a magical worldview in the post-modern era through examples in art, science, and philosophy, it observed and described the transition from a classical, orderly worldview to one of Modernist magic mystery and revelation.


My paid pursuits have been filled with many an odd job, the most enduring of which have been in commercial writing, academic publishing, and teaching high school Danish. 

In the main, I am self-taught through a lifetime of steady reading, esoteric experimentation, phenomenological inquiry, and an avid quest for knowledge old and new; from whatever source it be available.

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