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The Path of a Human Being

Mads Lundager is my name. Born on St. Michael's Day sometime ​in The Eighties, brought up in a village south of Aarhus, Denmark, I was always a curious being asking questions and looking for answers. My parents being vicars in the Lutheran state church of Denmark, a society that is largely atheist, the meaning of religion, god, and ritual, continuously puzzled me. Our household was one of little love, but great ambition surrounding scholastic pursuits and the presentation of a cultured veneer.

The arts, and literature in particular, were always my most steadfast companions in an unpredictable life. Sinking ever deeper into depression, I sought out psychedelics and developed a yoga practice which both seemed to offer some perspective and anchoring that my life was inherently lacking.

A series of failed romantic encounters and ensuing heartbreak added the final ingredient to a major spiritual crisis. In august 2017 a kundalini awakening was triggered: as I splayed out on my living room floor in a forward fold, a rainbow current rushed along my spine. The following two years saw my life unravelling as states of visionary rapture, intense emotion, physical pains, and spontaneous regressions filled up my existence. Finally surrendering to it, I broke into a state of prolonged bliss in 2019, subsequently discovering trance channeling and my talent for the artform.

Ever since I have been on a meaningful and guided, but also very strange, journey into the unknown.

Presently, life finds me on the road, sojourning the planet and living as a digital nomad, most recently in the  lands of ancient oracles in Southwest Italy.     


Academically, I've spent my life perusing, or mucking about, the humanities. High School saw me taking language classes in Spanish, German, Latin, and English, as elective subjects.

I graduated from the University of Aarhus with a MA in Comparative Literature, taking minor studies in Art History, Religious Studies, and The History of Ideas along the way — garnering me the grandiose-sounding, and not entirely justified, official title of 'Master of Arts.'


My master's thesis Anarchy and Arcadia: Invisibility, Pop Magic and Techno-religiosity towards the Turn of the Millennium explored the similarities between a modern age of seeming disorder and an archaic age of integrated
communication with the divine. Examining the foundations of a magical worldview in the post-modern era through examples in art, quantum physics, and philosophy, it observed the replacement of a classical, orderly worldview with one of magic mystery and revelation.


My professional pursuits have been filled with many an odd job, the most enduring of which have been in commercial writing, academic publishing, and teaching high school Danish. 

Despite the résumé, I consider myself primarily self-taught through steady reading and an avid pursuit of knowledge old and new; from whatever source it is available.

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