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Thoughts on channeling

An odd year ago, I had the good fortune of meeting Henry at a late hour at an Oxford house party. Any good-humoured character with a sincere fondness for Christian thought, the writings of James Joyce, and the intricate workings of lysergic acid diethylamide, is the kind of rare gem of a person one would benefit immensely in befriending.

We struck up, then, a correspondence spanning a wide array of topics. I publish here an excerpt from our latest exchange, in which I attempt to make my recent obsession with the phenomenon of trance channeling understandable to others and, hopefully, myself in the proces. Notice the form here emerging of stylistically Platonic messages within messages. Neat.

21. October, I write:

"...Life is treating me well. I would go into practical details, but I’d rather elaborate on my newfound passion: Channeling! Having dug deep down the spiritual rabbithole, it puzzled me where all this apparently consistent information in the new age came from. I came upon channeling and have for the past few weeks been able to do vocal channeling myself. Last night after my seated meditation, I brought through Mother Earth which had and is having a very uplifting effect on my energetic signature. I’m amazed at its potential, as an esoteric practice and a therapeutic method. Saturday I wrote some fanmail to Wieteke Koolhof (which is also very out of character for me, but I felt compelled to do). A Dutch channel, she appeared in my life the same day I began translating Mechthild of Magdeburg, another seeres from the Medieval lowlands. I offer you this excerpt: “Arjun [The alien hybrid she channels] mentioned that we were leaving the archetypes and now would navigate strictly from vibration. That cleared up a lot: We’re scraping the surface of what this implies for human potential. It’s letting the mind-body become a tuning fork for the soul, allowing oneself to be a harp for the heavens. The integration of these energies explains why personality and restrictive social conditions have to disintegrate for the link to be established or what all those troublesome energetic rewirings and pineal attunements are for. The purpose of human existence couldn’t simply be the Indian vision of waking up to the illusion and then getting of the wheel ASAP. The Indian sage is like the number 8 – a perfectly self-satisfied harmonic circuitry. Channeling is 9, the fruitful bringing forth of creation. It represents a type of super-sanity: Beyond the melting away of the constructs of convention lies not a barren emptiness, but the eternal wellspring of the soul stretching beyond the cosmos and connecting its multiplying faces and manifestations to each other in the ceaseless joy of creating. It’s a powerful, maybe even necessary, navigational tool for sailing the infinite potentialities of the 5D. It’s the perfect reminder that any “I” is properly a “we”, that our being is infinite wonder itself. I apologize for getting a little carried away. What has been most noteworthy by communing with or directly embodying the guides is that an ever present feeling of homesickness has completely disappeared and been replaced with a deep sense of knowing and adventure. The very real sense that the world of imagination and myth was always more real than reality pretended to be has been confirmed. Gaining the assistance of the Caduceans has been weird. They’re a race of ancient reptilians (golden turtles, shapeshifters, last seen on earth as dragons), master geneticists and instrumental in the post-deluvian project of the descent into and ascent from history by Homo Sapiens, currently residing as different density nano-beings in the bloodstreams of most humans and engaged in the emergence of the heart energy. They often have a very playful vibe about them, akin to what we call ‘nisser’ and I think you call ‘kabouter’ [Hobs, Leprechauns]. I notice it feels a little strange to ground these experiences in written words, but the psychological and energetic benefits of the channeling practice are very tangible. (...) The strange realization to glean from this is that you actually pick which reality you want to exist in simply by regulating your own inner state of being. Rick and Morty is high realism in a way Ibsen could never be. Everything actually exists – that your soul is doing in any given moment is feeding the coordinates of the manifest reality you want to experience in the mind body. The element of Space isn’t Newtonian, it is Akasha – the informational code plotting everything in relationship to each other in every present experience. Experience is what creation strives for – its motivation is joy, the means of attaining joy are drama in the most primitive sense of ‘home and back again’ or ‘fall and restauration’. Once an anchor is pitched deep enough down the psyche it breaks through, through the center of our common home, out beyond to hidden stars. ”

28. October, I elaborate:

" Thank you for those lovely descriptions of empty. The idea of sunyata came to mind. It is in many ways a natural state for the unentagled mind to be able to angle in the darkness for the proper nourishment of ideas. It is the essential trick of post-relativism: To install and work within the arbitrary hierarchy of a self-selected frame, all things being mutable. 'Gardening being' is exactly that and may become my new favourite slogan. An ancient art of the Orient was to grund that experience of aimless clearheadedness in the purposeful body. I recognize your description of embodiment somehow occuring coincidentally more than consequentially with great changes in one's situation. And here I get to channeling.: The transformative visions I experience often occur when I run. I usually run the same route, and it will happen somewhere around 3km around the same point of the beach. These are often climactic points in what is generally going on in dreams, thoughts, meditations and all the inbetweens. At one point some two months ago my pineal opened and linked up, and it is kind of like having a wifi-connection to a higher dimension. It's the same place you enter in the deep psychedelic or meditative state. The word 'dimension' seems proper, as it appears as a property attached to all thing appearing in your sensory apparatus. It's a sort of energetic signature of information tied to the timeless quality of that entity. It's what the Hindus call Akasha: the reality of which, I may have raved about, is expressed in the Abrahamic notion of the book before Creation. It is, of course, tied to a completely different ontology where this is at all possible, but it is one that presents itself and finds support in any spiritual notion ever had. Fiction is real, imagination is real, the world of ideas is more real than this reality. Everything is playing out - you are with your attention to it selecting which trajectory you want to fall through in this web of infinite possibility. The 'Everything' is present in some miniscule form in the 'Right Now' of your personal experience, and so it is possibly to simply stand aside and let any energy vibrate through you - as long as you're picking up on its frequency. You're channeling whenever you are in the uninhibited flow state.

Vocal or entity channeling is a strange creature - some are 'contacted', young or old, and develop a relationship with a certain entity. Like Darryl Anka who channels Bashar and is more or less the Elvis Presley of Alien Channeling. Personally, I experience it as an age old shamanic technique. Once you've gone through personal dissolution there's apparently the wonderful reward og being able to attune to anything through that emptiness. The technique is intuitive - in that other dimension, there's an experience of the different vibration through voice, sight and sense, and then my body makes some spontaneous tones and movements - the energy attaches itself to the logos, and the it speaks through me. I experience it as a pleasant trance where I faintly experience what is being communicated - but I'm trying to get better at stepping out of the way and just letting it flow through me. Also, the energies are still rather taxing. Wednesday I brought in the Pleidians for a local woman and it's was very strange to watch their precognisance play out, and she was tearing up as the session ended. It did a lot for her. Then I also channel the ancient reptilians and post it online. I'll be doing a lot more of that and other entities I think. It is an adventure for know, and I'm having fun."

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