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Trance channeling is a timeless spiritual technique which has been a staple of mankind's shamanic toolchest since at least the Mesolithic. The channel, in this case me, induces an 'altered state' and then connects to a different energy which he/she lets speak through him/her.  The purpose - if there needs to be one other than it being a joyful experience - is to uncover interesting or useful information or to receive some sort of healing work. It may seem unsettling and weird, should you come upon it by chance. There is, however, a small, but solid, global subculture dedicated to the discipline.

Personally, I experience the channeling state as a type of concentrated meditation. Contact with high-vibrational entities appears to be very benificial to our energetic signature. They can also work wonders with others in therapeutic sessions. 

"Mads is one of the most amazing channels I've Ever come across.....such a clear and loving channel through which I have been bought into Such a close, uplifting and transformative connection with My Guides, helpers and innate wisdom!
If you're wondering if you should have a session.....Do!
You'll be so glad you did.....his help is priceless.....and a Huge Blessing!"

- Ali, England

Personal Sessions

Your wishes for the session will determine how it organically develops.

I will call in a suitable spirit being with whom you will then be able to converse and interact, the defaults being Umblam of the Arcturian Council or AA Michael. They or others can connect you directly to one or more of your spirit guides and bring them through in the session. You will then be able to talk to and receive help from your own closest family on the spiritual plane. 


 - Oracle properties 

 - Energetic reading & healing

 - Efficient psychoanalysis, talk therapy

 - Alleviates uncertainty and fear of death

 - Reading of Akashic records

 - Clearing ancestral karma and past lives

 - Dietary advice

 - Chakra activations 

 - Finding your path/connecting to your true self

 - Attuning your contact to your spirit guides

 - Meditation excersises

 - Extradimensional knowledge and prayers

“My session brought me much needed guidance, support and clearing. Not only from the star entities that were channeled, but poured over me by Mads himself. Much of the exchanged information stayed with me to be processed for weeks after the session. Revisiting the recording he provided, just brought into view new perspectives of myself, not unlike a kaleidoscope, which reflected a picture of my human condition enveloped in compassion I couldn’t provide to myself until Mads and these beautiful entities offered it to me first.” 

- Jennifer, Brazil/New Jersey

Practical information

Sessions are conducted via Zoom or Skype which allows for them to be recorded on both ends - should anything fail, you are sure to get a recording. There are often many lessons to absorb and beautiful moments to relive. The session is, of course, confidential, and the digital copy is yours to use as you please.

I ask for money for private sessions in order to give freely elsewhere. You can participate in the free livestreams or follow my experiments and work with entity channeling on youtube.

Below you'll find two public examples of personal sessions as well as of one of the livestreams.

Contact & Prices 


All sessions are donation-based

A suggested donation for 1 hour is 600 dkk/ 90$

 - This is a reasonable rate for Danish price levels,        but please only give what you can afford.

Email: madslundager@outlook.dk

 Or contact me here or via facebook 

"The channeling from Mads Lundager is really quite special.  First off, Mads as a person, is one of the most polite, sincere and down to earth people I have ever met. It is evident he has cleaned and refined his vessel to such a high extent in order to bring through the galactic wisdom he so clearly does.  The energies he channels, which are typically his stellar counterparts bring in such crystallized and meaningful information to support others on their own journeys of self discovery and outward expansion. The insights brought forth are relayed in such a gentle manner, it is as if a close friend is offering the details.  I highly recommend tuning into one of his livestream recordings on YouTube and if his messages resonate with you, to schedule a private session with him and dive deep into your soul. It is such a pleasureable experience if you do decide to align with him and his guides. I am grateful to have crossed paths with Mads as he has been instrumental in my personal development."

-Kevin, Colorado, USA 

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