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Mundaeon Astral Oracles


Connecting Others to Themselves

A Spiritual Oracle

We are all made up of everything, in our own unique ways. What we think of as our personality is a tiny droplet in an infinite sea of interconnection. My practice and my services exist to help us expand our awareness of who we are, why we are, and of that which we are a part. It aims to connect the separated image of the self with the divine vision of The Self. In this way we bridge the gap between limited and unlimited, between action and inspiration, between feeling lost and feeling found. As we receive guidance from our counterparts in other realities and lifetimes, we feel the uplifting winds of our true being and soar between the dimensions — bringing home balance, connectivity, and love. 


Speaking from Beyond The Veil

This is what you are awakening to at the moment: That a truer vision of your being is that you are someone seated on a throne in infinity—a pulsating star, a point of light. You see eternity passing before you, and you create from this river of eternity a mould of time and space that you project yourself into, in shapes and forms that you delight in. Then this becomes a type of maze. And much as in the Orphic mysteries you are led through this maze in order then to connect to that true image of yourself — seated on that throne, immovable, wise, blissful in a state of eternal peace; rejoicing and delighting in the things that you create and shape. This is the true secret of The Creator. This is the magic nature of the universe and of you.

The Arcturian Council, Channeled September 2022

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