Mundaeon is the imprint I use to connect the non-physical with the physical in my work as an astral oracle. Through this symbolic portal, I bring in energies and wisdom from other beings and forces that are willing to assist us in our, Humankind's, own climb towards the stars. This practice is dedicated to the healing, consolation, and ascension of humankind; and to the integration of disparate elements within the All that we essentially are.

If you are feeling stuck, lost, or disconnected; in need of guidance, direction, or understanding- you may have come to the right place. Here we deal in all things Mercurial, as we read and ease the passage of energies in the body, mind, and soul. The Oracle works with many beings, spirits, and entities – from Arch- and Guardian angels, to natural spirits, galactic collectives, and ancient deities.. All personal sessions are tailor made to the client where the guide dispenses advice, offers exercises and helpful instructions, and delivers activation and healing codes with strong, positive subliminal and energetic effects.


You may also be doing great in your life and looking for ways to optimize your life experience and realize your potential. The assistance and love of astral beings can function as a great roadmap for cultivating an joyful and abundant life. Maybe you have a company, business or project that needs a realignment? I am able to tap into any structure or thought form and retrieve information from it.

In the doldrums of daily life, we humans often experience ourselves as parceled off, alone and full of separating thoughts and impulses that provoke unpleasant emotion. Mundaeon Astral Oracles is dedicated to taking those separations, these ‘others’, and connect them back to the whole that we all truly are, connected to the unity of Earth, Heaven, and the fellowship of life.  

 This site offers channeling and other energy reading services, and access to my various writings, the bulk of them in Danish. To follow my extra-dimensional work and connect to the higher dimensions, visit the youtube channel. Or sign up on Patreon and get access to bonus content and community sessions.


A country boy, ministers' son, perennial student, occasional teacher and enjoyer of poetic raptures, I, Mads Lundager, have hitherto had an interesting go of my time on this planet.

Reading and loneliness, partying and psychoactive compounds, relentless depression, heartbreaks, introspection, esoteric yoga practices, the grace of revelation, and everyday meaningful encounters with other beings in the wheel of time - all these ultimately culminated in a kundalini awakening in the Fall of 2017. After two years of grueling inner and outer collapse, I touched upon a state of illuminated bliss in the Spring 0f 2019 and was given the gift of prophetic mediumship which I now try to bring to the world and those who may benefit from its message of eternal understanding and Love.

Born and raised in Denmark, I've been on the road around the planet since late 2020, and am presently touring the Mezzogiorno, Italy.

My formal education has earned me a Master's Degree in Comparative Literature with minor studies in Art History, Religion and the History of Ideas.

I treasure all things alive with inspiration, and I truly love living this calling.